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GD Hive workshop in Greece

GD HIVE goal is to empower youth with new competencies, and enhance their employability in green/circular economy. This is a key long-term investment in human capital. As the GD HIVE project comes to an end, the final steps for its completion are being taken. Five workshops, one in each partner country, where set to take place.

In that note, as part of the project, on the 11th of May the National workshop in Greece for the GD HIVE project took place in our premises. The aim of the workshop was to inform stakeholders about the general idea of the project, the aim of it, the concepts of the Circular Economy and the Green Deal and promote the idea of sustainable business through cooperation with local authorities. Moreover, they aimed to explain the importance of sustainability and how it can be implemented in the entrepreneurial world without being less profitable as others.

The stakeholders ages where between 18 and 24, since the projects target group was youth. The projects consortium developed 5 modules that were set to cover the most significant parts about green deal, circular economy and sustainability. In these 5 modules, there were 98 micro learning sessions that were presented in the workshop. The modules were presented to them and they had the opportunity to discuss them together with the trainer.

The participants were informed about the training activity that is set to take place in Vilnius Lithuania, in June and they were invited to participate. The training activity is supposed to put the stakeholders in a realistic situation and improve their skills on the circular economy

In addition to that, the platform that was designed to accommodate the modules was also presented along site with the project’s website.

For more information regarding the project and the developed modules you can visit the website and the e-learning platform.

Link for the website:

Link for the e-learning platform:

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