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BoostDigiCulture Project: Pioneers Digital Transformation for Europe’s Cultural Sector Empowerment

In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, cultural institutions across Europe underwent a rapid transition towards digital platforms for visitation and curation. This shift highlighted the pre-existing vulnerabilities within the cultural sector, particularly concerning digital curation and the lack of digital skills among cultural professionals. Recognizing the urgent need to address these challenges, the Erasmus+ Project BoostDigiCulture embarked on a two-year journey to develop solutions and set the groundwork for a sustainable and inclusive professional development framework. This framework aimed to enhance the digital competences of cultural professionals, especially those working in small and medium-sized cultural institutions.

The project’s objectives were multi-faceted, intending to enhance the capacity of adult cultural professionals in implementing digital culture in their institutional agenda, promote awareness on the importance of digital readiness and training for institutional resilience, and design a sustainable professional development framework of resources and services for digital upskilling. Moreover, the project aimed to support cultural professionals in safeguarding the inclusive nature of digital culture through their online institutional offerings and provide evidence about online audience engagement and interaction with digital culture.

To achieve these goals, the BoostDigiCulture  project developed several key project results:

BoostDigiCulture e-learning platform for digital cultural affinity spaces: An interactive and user-friendly platform that serves as a hub for European cultural professionals. Through this platform, professionals can interact via forums, connect with small GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) institutions, access a self-assessment tool, watch microlearning videos, and earn badge certificates upon completion of each module and level.

BoostDigiCulture Professional Digital Competence Profile (PDP): This profile identifies critical competencies for GLAM professionals within the context of the Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (DigComp). It includes competencies related to information and data literacy, communication and collaboration, and digital content creation, providing a comprehensive framework for digital upskilling.

BoostDigiCulture Microlearning upskilling programme: Designed for cultural professionals working in GLAM institutions across Europe, this programme offers 30 short and engaging microlearning video sessions covering key areas such as information and data literacy, communication and collaboration, and digital content creation. Participants can complete the programme at their own pace, gaining new skills that they can transfer to their institutions and audiences.

BoostDigiCulture Self-assessment tool: Based on the principles of the DigComp at Work Implementation Guide, this tool allows adult cultural workers to assess their current digital skills and identify areas for improvement. It guides workers to the appropriate level of the microlearning programme based on their results and serves as a form of evaluation upon completion of the courses.

The BoostDigiCulture project consortium comprised six European organizations: Stiftung Digitale Chancen from Germany (Coordinator), Synthesis Center for Research and Education Limited from Cyprus, Exeo Lab from Italy, Innovation Hive from Greece, Rightchallenge – Associação from Portugal, and Icarus Hrvatska from Croatia. Together, these organizations worked collaboratively to develop and implement the project, aiming to empower cultural professionals and enhance the digital landscape of cultural institutions across Europe.

In conclusion, the BoostDigiCulture project represents a significant step towards addressing the digital challenges faced by cultural institutions in Europe. By providing a comprehensive framework for digital upskilling, the project aims to equip cultural professionals with the necessary skills to navigate the digital landscape effectively. Through its innovative approaches and collaborative efforts, BoostDigiCulture strives to foster a culture of digital readiness and resilience within the cultural sector, ensuring its continued growth and adaptation in an increasingly digital world.

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