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YERAME Training Course Boosts Entrepreneurial Skills for Sustainable Growth – The Piloting Sessions

In pursuit of strengthening the entrepreneurial skills of rural youth, the YERAME project has created the YERAME Training Course designed to empower participants with invaluable knowledge and practical insights. The course covers a range of fourteen units, ranging from conceiving innovative ideas to executing comprehensive business plans. Based on the unique challenges and opportunities of the Mediterranean region, the project aims to equip young people with the necessary tools to create sustainable businesses, thus mitigating the negative effects of the desertification crisis plaguing rural areas.

The journey begins with a deep dive into the “Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship”, a unit developed to trigger creativity and highlight the profound impact of entrepreneurial concepts on the development of rural businesses and communities. Learners will be able to explore the entrepreneurial landscape, gaining insights into the specifics of rural entrepreneurship and laying the groundwork for sustainable development. By prioritizing innovative ideas and encouraging a culture of innovation, this unit sets the base for entrepreneurial efforts tailored to the needs of rural communities.

Market research is highlighted as a central theme in the YERAME training, providing participants with the basic skills to collect, analyse and interpret critical information about their target market. Through this course learners will uncover the power of market research in validating business ideas and making informed decisions. Armed with this knowledge, participants are better equipped to navigate the complexities of the market landscape, effectively identifying opportunities and reducing the risks inherent in business ventures in rural areas.

As learners progress through the courses, they learn the ins and outs of business planning, strategy development, product/service development, leadership, team building, marketing and branding. Each module is designed to provide participants with practical skills and strategic knowledge necessary for business success. By promoting a holistic understanding of the entrepreneurial journey, the YERAME programme enables rural youth to overcome challenges, seize opportunities and chart a course towards sustainable business enterprises that contribute to the renewal of rural economies.

In line with the overall objectives of the project, these modules will soon be piloted in online sessions in order to not only teach the basic concepts with Rural Entrepreneurship to the target group, but also to strengthen the sense of community and cooperation among rural youth. By using interactive educational tools and innovative methodologies, the project is providing inclusive learning opportunities for young people with different backgrounds and ambitions. 

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