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Digital Pop-up Shop Platform for CCS professionals and Artists project.

It is widely known that technology has taken over the world, everything can be made digitally from filling out forms to full-time employment. Ever since the pandemic happened this phenomenon has gotten bigger and bigger, and as a result it led the majority of elderly adults to an inevitable social isolation.  

The project DiGiPORT is aiming to support CCS professionals and artists in order to develop their digital and entrepreneur skills through an enriched specialization of adults trainers and adult education organizations. The goal is to make them independent and provide them with sufficient knowledge that they would be able to maintain their sustainability and increase their resilience in other cases. To achieve this initiative, what has been planned is to develop an online pan-european platform from which CCS professionals and artists will have the opportunity to create their own digital pop-up shop and promote their work.

Innovation Hive will be active throughout the entire project and more particularly with the  Development of the project’s Dissemination Plan & implementation of dissemination activities The Training course on the development of CCS professionals / artists’ digital and entrepreneurial skills.

The project has three project results. The first one is about the training course on the development of CCS professionals/artists digital and entrepreneurial skills, the second is about DiGiPORT’s online content platform and creative online Hackathom and the third one about DiGiPORT’s Toolkit for adult educators and adult education organizations.

While this results developing, the partners will abopt an innovative methology for the successful overall implementation of the project as well as of the specific tasks and activities.

So far the Kickoff Meeting has been successfully completed with the attendance of all partners. For more information you can visit the project’s website and learn all about it’s goals, actions and partners.

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