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Empowering Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs: A Showcase of Innovation, Collaboration, and Circular Economy Principles at the RE-START Project’s Final Event

In a noteworthy union of academia, industry, and public discourse, Innovation Hive, in partnership with IEK AKMI, orchestrated the final event of the RE-START project on November 29, 2023. This gathering was organized for the engagement of business students, educators, policymakers, and the wider public, presenting the interdependent connection between entrepreneurship and the circular economy. The event focused on explaining the ideas behind the circular economy and how they relate to starting businesses. Notably, attendees were introduced to instrumental tools such as the Business Model Canvas (BMC), a strategic framework designed for visualizing and refining business models. 

Participatory engagement was a cornerstone of the event, as attendees were divided into groups to immerse themselves in practical applications. Using the Business Model Canvas (BMC), each group carefully examined an existing business model. This created a lively atmosphere that encouraged collaborative brainstorming and inventive problem-solving. The presentations that followed showcased different perspectives and smart solutions from these group activities.

A standout moment happened during the event, when the RE – START Online competition winning team from Innovation Hive presented their BTCup idea to the captivated audience. This wasn’t just a theory; it was a real project that brought together the concepts discussed at the event with actual entrepreneurial efforts. The event also shared useful training materials, like the Guidebook for trainers and academics. This guide helps structure courses on the circular economy, showing Innovation Hive’s commitment to shaping entrepreneurs who care about social and environmental issues.

As Innovation Hive wraps up its final event, it leaves behind a group of empowered individuals ready to influence the future of business with a strong commitment to circular principles. This event, filled with professionalism and smart thinking, stands as a guide for the exciting possibilities when education, innovation, and responsible entrepreneurship come together.

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