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Empowering Youth Migrants: A Path Towards Inclusive Policies

In a world where migration continues to shape the social and political landscapes of countries across Europe, a pioneering project, Consulting EUth, is making significant progress in promoting the active participation of youth migrants in shaping policies that directly affect them. This initiative, supported by a consortium of diverse partners spanning several European countries, seeks to create a platform for youth migrants and refugees to have a voice in the decision-making processes at local and EU levels.

Aligned with the project’s objectives the partnership has launched local campaigns under the banner “INVOLVING MIGRANTS AND REFUGEES IN LOCAL POLITICAL LIFE.” These campaigns are spearheaded by PLATFORM INS and focus on raising awareness among citizens about migration and integration. These campaigns provide valuable spaces for interaction between migrants and national citizens, fostering the development of intercultural competencies for everyone involved. By increasing awareness, these campaigns empower individuals to form informed opinions on diversity and actively participate in changing societal perceptions.

In terms of the project’s implementation an online hackathon also took place, known as the “YOUTH POLICIES ONLINE HACKATHON-INQUIRY LAB,” which pulled participants aged 19 to 26. This virtual challenge, coordinated through an interactive platform, provided a unique space for young migrants to engage in discussions related to youth policies, immigration, and refugee matters. The hackathon, characterized by an empowerment approach, aimed to elevate the voices of migrants and help them assume active roles in policy development. Participants in the hackathon brought diverse perspectives and experiences to the table, allowing for the generation of innovative ideas and solutions. The explicit goal of this event was to empower migrants by providing them with a platform to voice their opinions and actively contribute to the formulation of policies that impact their lives.

Following the successful hackathon, the project moved forward with the establishment of consultative bodies at both local and European levels. These bodies are essential for ensuring that the voices of youth migrants and representatives of migrant associations are heard and integrated into policy-making processes. These consultative bodies aim to foster active and equal participation from decision-making to implementation. They empower individual migrants and migrant associations to have agency in shaping policies that directly affect their lives. The establishment of these platforms breaks away from traditional dependency models and paternalistic attitudes towards migrants.

The Consulting EUth project represents an effort to enhance the inclusion and participation of youth migrants in Europe. By providing platforms for young migrants to actively engage in policy development and raising awareness on migration-related issues, this project is promoting an inclusive and informed society. As the project continues to unfold, it holds the promise of creating a more inclusive Europe that values the voices and perspectives of all its citizens, regardless of their migration background.

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