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Unlocking Opportunities: The ADVANCE Project’s Training for Disadvantaged Women

In an age of rapidly evolving workplaces and an increasing emphasis on global competencies, ensuring that everyone has access to the tools they need for success is paramount. This is especially true for women who face social and occupational disadvantages. Recognizing the importance of bridging this gap, the ADVANCE project is on a mission to empower women, enhance their employability, and foster social inclusion through a groundbreaking online pilot training program.

Purpose of the Training

In this context a pilot training program, a crucial milestone in the ADVANCE project, training program,  was conducted online on September 4, 5 & 8, 2023,  and asynchronously on 6, 7 of September. The program was designed for a group of 10 participants, all of whom were women facing social and occupational disadvantages. These individuals represented a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and aspirations, but they all shared a common goal: to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the global landscape and improve their employability.

The primary aim of this initiative was clear: to develop the global competencies of women who are socially and occupationally disadvantaged. These competencies encompass a range of skills, from communication and cultural awareness to adaptability and problem-solving, all of which are indispensable in today’s interconnected world. The goal was to equip these women with the tools they needed to not only thrive in their careers but also to actively contribute to their social inclusion.

The Training Process

The training day started with an engaging introduction to the participants, setting the tone for a day filled with valuable insights and growth opportunities. The training materials, developed based on the findings from the desk research, were presented through an accessible online platform.

Throughout the training, an interactive approach was employed. After each module, participants engaged in activities and quizzes, providing real-time feedback on their understanding and learning progress. This approach not only ensured that the material was effectively absorbed but also encouraged active participation and engagement.

Positive Feedback and Promising Outcomes

The results of the pilot training were nothing short of inspiring. The participants not only embraced the opportunity to enhance their global competencies but also actively contributed to the refinement of the training material. Their enthusiasm and insightful comments demonstrated the program’s potential to empower women and enhance their employability.

The ADVANCE project’s commitment to fostering social inclusion and improving the lives of disadvantaged women is evident in every facet of this initiative. By equipping these women with the global competencies they need, ADVANCE is not only enhancing their employability but also opening doors to a world of opportunities. As we reflect on the successful completion of this pilot training, one thing is abundantly clear: when women are given the tools to succeed, they can overcome any obstacle and unlock their true potential, bringing us one step closer to a more inclusive and equitable society.

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