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STAY AFLOAT-Completion of PR1: Stay Afloat Framework

STAY AFLOAT project, that aims to support small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs to recognize and clarify early signals of a business in crisis has completed the development of the 1st project result (PR1) Stay Afloat Framework – a digital document containing up to date knowledge on early warning signals of business crisis, including detection and intervention opportunities.

The partnership created and disseminated a questionnaire as the first activity of the project to define and identify fifteen issues that entrepreneurs and SMEs often experience in the first five years of company, with a focus on soft skills. The results of all partners have been summarized in national reports (answers) and a Common European Report summary report, which represents the 8 partners.

The activity that succeeded the above was that each partner conducted interviews (focus group) with 8–10 specialists (in the fields of training, coaching, entrepreneurship, employment counseling, career guidance, etc.) where the final list of 15 enemies or obstacles was finalized. The conclusions that resulted from the above-mentioned action were summarized in a common report in English but also in 8 partner languages.

These findings will serve as the foundation for the creation of a self-evaluation tool for entrepreneurs that will be found on the Stay Afloat website. These reports will also serve as the cornerstone for the development of the project’s coaching- and emotional intelligence-based training system known as PR2-Stay Afloat Curriculum and Open Educational Resources (OERs). The Stay Afloat Framework will be available soon and free to use and review on project’s website along with all developed project results. To remain constantly updated on project’s upcoming activities follow project’s FB page.

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