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Entrepreneurship In The Future

There is growing awareness among European Union policy makers regarding the economic and social repercussions linked with the challenges encountered by young entrepreneurs throughout the European Union, such as youth unemployment. Promoting youth entrepreneurship and making Europe more entrepreneurial have become priorities on the EU policy agenda in recent years due to the enormous potential of entrepreneurs to produce employment and sustainable development.

Entrepreneurship is not a magic answer to the problem of youth unemployment issue since only a small percentage of young people have the necessary skills, ideas and personality traits. However, making Europe more business-friendly and helping young people to turn their creative ideas into successful business plans offers many potential benefits, both in terms of direct and indirect job creation and human capital development.

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, people had more time to think about entrepreneurial ideas. The health care problem contributes to broader economic instability. Consequently, young people, whether students or recent graduates, see entrepreneurship as an opportunity to take control of their future. At the same time, they create solutions while strengthening local communities, bringing about social and economic transformation and increasing long-term prosperity. In this context Young Entrepreneurs Guild project aims at building competitive knowledge- based societies, through the development of young people’s entrepreneurial potential and creativity competencies. The project intends to offer a valuable solution against youth unemployment by creating specific paths of enhancing such abilities and building up youth’s entrepreneurial mindsets and capacities.

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