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Finalization of the Competences Framework

The PRAISE (Preventing Radicalization and Supporting Inclusion in Schools and Education) project is a European initiative aimed at preventing the radicalization of adolescents through education. The development of the Skills Framework was based on extensive research involving the target group and an examination of radicalization rates in schools across participating countries. Initially, data were collected through questionnaires filled out by adolescents, educators, and other stakeholders. Additionally, research was conducted on the rates of radicalization in schools to understand the contributing factors.

After analyzing the data, the PRAISE project identified a series of critical skills that contribute to preventing radicalization and promoting a democratic and inclusive school community. These skills include:

Socio-ecological skills

Adaptability to change

Constructive dialogue

Understanding the social-cognitive factors that shape human behavior

Lifelong learning

Democratic behavior

Critical thinking

Intercultural dialogue

Socio-ecological skills help in understanding and managing relationships, and adaptability to change enables students to respond to constantly changing social and cultural conditions. Constructive dialogue, the ability to engage in respectful and open-minded conversations, and understanding the social-cognitive factors that shape human behavior are essential skills that influence human thoughts and actions. Additionally, lifelong learning, democratic behavior, and critical thinking help avoid manipulation and prejudice. Finally, intercultural dialogue, the ability to communicate and collaborate with people from different cultures, enhances mutual understanding and respect.

With the completion of the Skills Framework, the next step is its validation through interviews with target groups. These interviews will include educators, students, parents, and other stakeholders, aiming to assess the practicality and effectiveness of the proposed skills. The validation process will help further refine the framework, considering the needs and perspectives of the individuals who will use it.

Based on the identified and analyzed skills, educational materials and the Digital Board Game will be developed.

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