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A youtube channel unlike any other…

The Navi-Mig project aims at the integration and inclusion of recently arrived migrants, as some evidence suggests that migrants are at greater risk of social exclusion than the native population.

Educational material has been produced in the form of articles aimed at training migrants for integration into the labour market, which is key to ensuring their effective integration into host societies and a positive impact on the EU economy. To make the learning process even easier, the partners decided to create a YouTube channel which they enriched with videos created for each training module separately. More specifically, each partner undertook the creation of a short video in which each module is briefly described and provides the most useful information to capture the interest of the listener. A voiceover in English has been added to each video describing the module and subtitles have been created and added in all partner countries, i.e. in English, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish and Dutch. The purpose of the subtitles is for immediacy and ease of use for all users belonging to the partner countries who do not speak English. However, the use of the English language is aimed at attracting listeners from countries outside the partner countries and with a view to universal use by all people who need something similar and are in Europe.

There are currently eight videos available which can be viewed by visiting the channel

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