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YERAME: Empowering Youth Rural Entrepreneurship to Address Depopulation Challenges in the Euro Mediterranean Region

Youth rural entrepreneurship holds immense potential for the sustainable development of Mediterranean countries. The YERAME project has set its sights on addressing the issue of depopulation in rural areas of the Euro Mediterranean region, where the lack of youth has hindered economic development, access to services, and connectivity. As the aging population continues to decline, it poses a significant challenge for the European Union, especially considering that rural areas make up the majority of the affected territories. With this in mind, the Yerame project has been designed to enhance the capacity of organizations working with young people in rural areas, providing them with learning opportunities to develop entrepreneurial skills. The ultimate goal is to equip rural youth in the Mediterranean region with improved entrepreneurial skills, enabling them to establish sustainable businesses that can effectively counter the ongoing depopulation challenges faced by these areas.

The project is set to revolutionize the landscape of youth rural entrepreneurship, with a strong focus on sharing best practices, providing training, and fostering cooperation, this initiative aims to advance rural youth and create a supportive ecosystem for their entrepreneurial endeavors. Through its three main pillars—research, training programs, and mentorship—the project aims to empower young entrepreneurs and drive economic growth in rural areas. 

As part of the Yerame project, a four-day training session will be held in Madrid, Spain, in October 2023. The focus of this training will be on the EntreComp framework and tailoring an ad hoc training program for young entrepreneurs. The EntreComp framework will serve as a guiding tool, providing valuable insights and inspiration for EU and non-EU partners involved in supporting young entrepreneurs. By increasing the resources dedicated to young entrepreneurs, the project aims to enhance their potential for success and impact.

By fostering a supportive environment for youth rural entrepreneurship, the Yerame project aims to bring about positive change in the Euro Mediterranean region. By equipping young people with entrepreneurial skills, the project seeks to address the challenges posed by depopulation in rural areas. Through tailored practices it strives to empower young entrepreneurs and drive economic growth in these regions. By investing in the potential of rural youth, the Yerame project aims to create sustainable businesses that can counter the depopulation trend and contribute to the development of Mediterranean countries.

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