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Achieving Financial Literacy through Play: The Innovative Board Game for NEET Women

Financial literacy is the ability to understand and manage one’s finances, and it is a crucial skill for everyone, but particularly for women who are not in employment, education, or training (NEET). NEET women face a variety of financial challenges, and improving their financial literacy can help them to overcome these challenges and achieve financial stability. One of the innovative ways to teach money management skills is through the use of a board game. The Financial Literacy for Women (FinanciaLit4Women) project has successfully developed a board game specifically designed to teach the principles of financial literacy to NEET women in a playful manner.

The board game, which is now available for download on the project website (, is designed to teach NEET women about important financial concepts, such as budgeting, saving, investing, and understanding credit. The game is based on a needs assessment conducted by the project, and it is specifically tailored to meet the needs of NEET women. One of the key features of the board game is its use of game-based learning. 

This method of teaching allows NEET women to learn about financial concepts through a series of interactive challenges and activities. The game is designed to be both fun and educational, and it can be played in groups or individually. The board game also helps to improve social skills such as cooperation, critical thinking, decision making, leadership, etc. It helps to create a fun and interactive way for NEET women to learn about money management, and it encourages them to work together to achieve their financial goals.

In conclusion, the development of the board game by the Financial Literacy for Women (FinanciaLit4Women) project represents a significant step forward in improving the financial literacy of NEET women. The game provides an engaging and interactive way to learn about money management skills, and it is an effective tool for teaching financial literacy in a playful manner. Additionally, the game-based learning method and the incorporation of social skills makes it an innovative and holistic approach to empower the target group. The board can be used by anyone who works with or supports NEET women to help them achieve financial stability and independence.

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