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One of the main challenges that TCNs (Third Country Nationals) face is understanding the financial and business language of their new country. It is always hard when it comes to understanding and using the financial and business terminology and technologies of their new home. Without the necessary language and technical skills, TCNs may struggle to communicate effectively, access financial resources and services and may be at a disadvantage in business and financial matters.

Aligned with these needs, Innovation Hive, via the PLOUTOS project has created reparatory Activities, via the Business Language & Financial Literacy curriculum as the project’s second deliverable. More specifically, The Business Language curriculum will be used by a language teacher during the whole implementation of the language courses, which will take place both face-to-face and online in Greece. The goal of the curriculum’s implementation is to integrate TCNs in the economic life of Greece and improve their knowledge of Greek in the field of economics and finance. Simultaneously, the included modules prepare TCNs for their potential integration into the business community of Greece, giving them access to a broad range of texts that would enable them to understand the language of relevant services and carry out necessary tasks such as writing business emails, preparing for job interviews, and writing a CV. At least 30 TCNs will attend the language courses aiming to attain a level of at least B1-B2 in Greek. Once the courses are finished a certification will be provided to those that successfully participated. 

The curriculum consists of 24 modules, listed as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Resources for terms and concepts
  3. Economics
  4. Finance
  5. Microfinance explained 
  6. Forms of employment
  7. Skills and qualifications
  8. Skills for third country nationals
  9. Navigating public websites: Services available
  10. Navigating government websites for citizens: Signing in & Account setup 
  11. Revision
  12. Filling in Forms online 
  13. Taxation
  14. Banking terms you need to know
  15. Opening a bank account
  16. Getting a Credit card
  17. Writing a CV
  18. Creating a professional profile online
  19. Job interviews
  20. Writing Business emails
  21. Microfinancing in the EU
  22. Setting up a business 1: General information
  23. Setting up a business 2: What you need to get started
  24. Revision & Feedback

In conclusion, PLOUTOS project aims to improve TCNs’ access to financial services firstly through a course on financial literacy and sustainability supported by a relevant language course and secondly via a course on community interpreting. Without these business training resources and access to multilingual technical tools, TCNs may struggle to communicate effectively and succeed in any EU country. This   Business Language curriculum will help them  pave their path to success and smooth integration.

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