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UpRural Project: Revitalizing Rural Communities Through Empowerment Training

In a bid to tackle the socio-economic challenges faced by rural communities, the UpRural project is gearing up for a training initiative. In Cluj, Romania, from October 15th to 21st, 2023, the project aims to empower residents of rural areas through specialized training and certification as “community development officers.”

The project is stepping up to address the unique difficulties that rural communities often grapple with – limited resources, education, and job opportunities. The key to their solution? A hands-on training program that equips participants with the skills needed to drive change from within.

This innovative Work-Based Learning (WBL) training method ensures active participation and practical learning. Participants will be immersed in the role of a ‘community development officer’ right from the start. This approach ensures that they gain a deep understanding of the challenges at hand and learn how to navigate them effectively.

During the training, participants will collaborate closely with experts and mentors to create sustainability documents that chart a path toward lasting community development. These documents are more than just symbolic – they are blueprints for progress, guiding communities towards self-sufficiency and growth. During the training participants will initiate green activities in collaboration with local communities. These activities not only promote environmental consciousness but also foster a sense of unity among residents.

The UpRural project recognizes that change begins at home, within the communities themselves. By providing training as ‘community development officers,’ the initiative is not only upskilling rural residents but also cultivating a network of empowered change-makers.

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