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Innovation Hive and Transparency International Greece Forge Strong Partnership for Open Governance in Greece

An important collaboration aimed at promoting transparency, citizen engagement, and open governance practices in Greece has been initiated by Innovation Hive and Transparency International Greece. This partnership, solidified within the WeOpenGov Network, marks a turning point in the nation’s pursuit of accountable and inclusive governance. These two organizations bring diverse expertise and perspectives to the table, all in the name of advancing open governance in Greece.

The WeOpenGov Network, a nationwide, fully operational initiative that emphasizes multi-stakeholder engagement, adheres to the principles of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) and signifies their shared commitment to creating a more transparent and participatory government.

The partnership’s core objectives within WeOpenGov include:

  • Coordinated Civil Society Engagement: WeOpenGov will serve as a hub where civil society organizations come together to harmonize efforts in areas such as public participation, transparency, and accountability. This united front ensures a stronger collective voice advocating for open governance.
  • Government-Citizen Liaison Points: WeOpenGov is set to establish stable contact points, facilitating seamless communication between government bodies and civil society. This interaction will enhance cooperation on open governance initiatives.
  • Capacity Building: Equipping policy-makers and public administrators with the knowledge and skills required for collaborative policy development and implementation is a shared goal. This capacity building places citizen engagement at its core.
  • Promoting Open Governance Awareness: Innovation Hive and Transparency International Greece aim to raise awareness among citizens about open governance practices. By doing so, they hope to instill a culture of active citizen participation in public affairs.

The two parties, in their pursuit of a more transparent and participatory governance landscape in Greece, are committed to a multifaceted collaboration. This partnership extends beyond their shared objectives to encompass various critical areas of cooperation. They will diligently identify and share best practices in open governance while developing essential tools and techniques to advance the cause. Additionally, they will cultivate a culture of collaboration, emphasizing the benefits of multi-stakeholder engagement to public officials. Encouraging cross-sectoral partnerships is another priority, fostering trust between public administration and civil society organizations. By adhering to internationally accepted co-creation standards, exemplified by the OGP, they contribute to Greece’s dedication to open governance. The establishment of a central contact point, involving diverse representatives, will provide a platform for state authorities to seek input on matters related to open governance and anti-corruption efforts. Moreover, the partners will explore avenues for the public administration to leverage the WeOpenGov network, a fully operational, multi-stakeholder platform supporting a national forum. Actively participating in coordination assemblies and networking activities, they aim to promote the values and positions of the WeOpenGov network, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to open governance in Greece.

In this bold step towards a more transparent and participatory governance landscape, Innovation Hive and Transparency International Greece are leaving an indelible mark on Greece’s path to accountable and inclusive governance. Their collaboration within the WeOpenGov Network serves as a beacon of hope for citizens and policymakers alike, demonstrating that by working together, they can create a government that truly serves the interests of the people. As they embark on this transformative journey, they invite all stakeholders to join them in advancing open governance practices and ensuring that the voices of citizens are not just heard but also actively shape the future of Greece.

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