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Finalization of the NAVIMIG Mentoring Program: Changing Lives with Customized Advice

The NAVIMIG project empowers immigrants through targeted mentoring sessions, addressing their individual needs and fostering integration, language skills, and employability.

We are overjoyed to announce the triumphant finale of the NAVIMIG Mentoring Program, a revolutionary endeavor designed to enhance the lives of fifteen migrants via individual mentorship sessions. As part of our dedication to providing tailored support, every participant completed a thorough evaluation to determine their particular requirements. This helped to set the stage for focused and effective training sessions.

The one-on-one mentorship sessions, which provided participants with specialized instruction on important modules created especially for this project, were the core of the program. These courses included a variety of subjects intended to improve individual abilities, encourage personal growth, and offer insightful guidance on a range of themes related to adjusting to life in a new community.

Mentors and mentees worked together to create a supportive atmosphere for information sharing and skill development via productive discussions. The commitment and zeal demonstrated by mentors and participants were extremely motivating, confirming the idea that mentoring is an effective means of bringing about good change.

During the program’s second phase, all participants got back together for a group meeting that signified the end of their trip. In addition to providing a forum for a thorough presentation, this last meeting gave participants a chance to talk about their specific requirements and share their project-related experiences. The program’s effect was enhanced even more by the lively exchange of ideas and thoughts.
We would like to express our appreciation to all of the participants, mentors, and partners who helped make the NAVIMIG Mentoring Program a success, as we celebrate its successful completion. The commitment exhibited by all parties involved is a perfect example of the collaborative spirit and the excellent outcomes that can be attained with focused guidance and supervision. Keep checking back on project’s website for updates if you’re interested in finding out more about the project and its results. Furthermore, instructional modules created for this project will soon be accessible in North Macedonian, English, Greek, Bulgarian, and Polish on the project academy portal. Come celebrate with us the value of mentoring and the efforts being made to create communities that are closer and stronger.

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