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Fostering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Revealing Entrepreneurship, and Green Skills Integration at the RESPO X Final Event

In response to the transformative impact of automation and digitalization on the global labor market, there is an urgent call for the reskilling and upskilling of higher education students who represent the workforce of the future. In alignment with this imperative, the European Commission took a significant step last year by unveiling the European Skills Agenda. Central to this agenda is a crucial pillar dedicated to the cultivation of skills for evolving jobs through dynamic education and training programs that are attuned to both labor market demands and societal needs. To realize this ambitious objective, innovative tools are being developed to empower students, enabling them to proactively build and enhance their skill sets in preparation for the demands of the evolving workforce. 

Against the backdrop of these critical developments in the landscape of education and skills, efforts to address the evolving needs of the workforce were recently exemplified through a groundbreaking event organized by Innovation Hive. This event, held on November 29, 2023, not only acknowledged the imperative for skills development but also actively sought to guide and highlight the nexus between entrepreneurship and the essential green skills demanded by the contemporary job market. 

The event, attended by students from the Department of Business Administration at AKMH, educators, and administrative members of the organization, as well as the general public, successfully captured the interest of those present. In light of the completion of the ERASMUS+ initiative RESPO X, the event focused on the significant role of entrepreneurship in modern society, emphasizing the importance of green skills. Within this context, the successful implementation of RESPO X was presented—a powerful tool for measuring students’ progress. This application provides anonymously personalized training, considering areas where students need improvement, thereby enhancing the skills required for their successful integration into the job market.

The “Handbook on Policy Recommendations” emerged as a central pillar of the meeting, reinforcing the practical application of RESPO X. The handbook aims to identify strategies that will promote progress in tertiary education at the European level, creating an environment that strengthens employability and prepares students for the challenges of the modern era.

With this initiative, we express our ongoing commitment to education and shaping the youth as future entrepreneurs. In this role, we deeply recognize the essence of entrepreneurial activity and incorporate the need for social sensitivity and environmental responsibility into our approach. Our goal is not only to shape a generation of entrepreneurs who follow modern business practices but also to respond to the challenges of society.

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