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Navigating the Future of Cultural Heritage – The INTANGIBLE project’s Final Event

The global pandemic, despite imposing many restrictions on our daily lives, highlighted the universal value of culture and art in our lives. Our inability to visit cultural spaces emphasized the importance of digital accessibility, opening new avenues for the promotion and dissemination of our intangible cultural heritage. Beyond museums and historical monuments, intangible cultural heritage is redefined through practices, expressions, and knowledge that distinguish and characterize communities and groups. In this context, INTANGIBLE  highlights the importance of promoting and preserving this multifaceted culture.

The INTANGIBLE project aims to establish processes and methodologies for the digitization of Intangible Cultural Heritage, making a significant impact on cultural workers and industry professionals. A key component of the project is the Educational Curriculum and Handbook provided for understanding and implementing the digitization of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Through the e-Learning platform, participants will have access to innovative educational methods and digitization techniques, enhancing their digital skills, and an interactive digital map. This map includes intangible cultural wealth on a global scale, allowing users to map it through a pioneering digital medium.

With the goal of promoting our intangible cultural wealth, INTANGIBLE was presented at “CultureTalks,” an initiative by INNOVATION HIVE, taking place at the Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa on 21/11/2023, 19:00 – 21:00. This initiative highlighted the coexistence of technology and culture, aiming to achieve inclusion. It aims to create a community that understands and recognizes both the timeless value of our herritage and technological progress, strengthening cultural understanding at local and European levels. Topics such as Digitization in Culture, Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage, and were explored at “CultureTalks.” Digitization in culture highlights the role of technology in preserving and disseminating cultural wealth, while the promotion and preservation of intangible cultural heritage focus on safeguarding the invisible aspects of culture, connecting the past to the present. 

The project, underscores the enduring significance of our intangible cultural wealth amidst the challenges posed by the global pandemic. By bridging the gap between technology and culture, the INTANGIBLE strives for inclusion and the creation of a community that appreciates both the timeless value of heritage and the advancements in technology.

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