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Empowering Culture: A Breakthrough in Intangible Cultural Heritage Preservation with the INTANGIBLE Project Completion

In December 2023, the INTANGIBLE project marked a milestone with its successful completion, bringing forth a wealth of accomplishments in the digitization and preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The project, undertaken by a collaborative partnership of experts, research institutes, and organizations experienced in the field, aimed to redefine the understanding and application of intangible cultural heritage through innovative digital means. As the project is now complete, we present a comprehensive report on the outcomes and activities that unfolded during its implementation.

The core of the INTANGIBLE project lies in its commitment to digitize intangible cultural heritage, significantly impacting cultural workers and industry professionals. The project’s Educational Curriculum and Handbook served as guiding lights, offering profound insights into the digitization processes. Through the e-Learning platform, participants gained access to cutting-edge educational methods, enhancing their digital skills and understanding. The interactive digital map, a pioneering feature of the project, presented a global panorama of intangible cultural wealth, allowing users to explore and map them through an innovative digital medium.

Throughout the project’s duration, both online and face-to-face educational activities were conducted, fostering a dynamic learning environment where theory met practice. These activities not only enriched the knowledge base of participants but also contributed to the broader goal of preserving and promoting the multifaceted aspects of intangible cultural heritage. The results of the project, encapsulated in the comprehensive report, reflect the dedication of the collaborative partnership to bridge the gap between technology and culture.

Looking ahead, the INTANGIBLE project aspires to leave a lasting impact on the field of cultural heritage preservation. The project materials, particularly the Handbook designed for professionals in the cultural sector, are anticipated to be effective and engaging resources. As we conclude this chapter, we reaffirm our commitment to intensify future actions, ensuring the continued advancement of digitization and preservation efforts in the sector of intangible cultural heritage.

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