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New Projects for our organization

We are very proud for our two recently awarded AMIF projects and we look forward to embarking on this challenging journey to support migrants and their meaningful financial and social integration.
The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) was set up to promote the efficient management of migration flows and the implementation, strengthening and development of a common Union approach to asylum and immigration.
Innovation Hive is part of the following projects within two consortiums represented by 25 European organizations in total:
• “Consulting EUTH”: Cooperation for achieving third country nationals’ financial independence through financial literacy tools and entrepreneurship boot camps.
The project aims to support the setting up of consultative bodies of youth migrants at local and EU level in close cooperation with public authorities, aiming at involving youth migrants and refugees in active political life, co-designing policies addressed to migrants and refugees. Creating a system of European and local consultative bodies involving migrants and refugees in designing policies is the main outcome of the project, that will take into account the different frameworks of legislations of the different member States involved in the project, based on a multi-stakeholder approach promoted by a partnership composed by NGO expert in training and education, Universities, Municipalities and governmental authorities.

• “PLOUTOS”: Enhancing the level of social inclusion of Youth migrants and refugees, co-designing policies through the setting up of consultative bodies at local and European level
”PLOUTOS” originated in ancient Greece as a word to describe wealth & prosperity. The aim of PLOUTOS project is to improve TCN’s access to financial services via a:
• training course on financial literacy and sustainability supported by a relevant language course,
• training course on community interpreting offered to people already offering this service without having had any professional training (including TCN’s residing in the host country for more than 3 years, employees of financial service providers and NGOs),
• practice business programme enabling practical training of TCNs in applying their financial literacy skills on the job
• multi-lingual one-stop-shop platform offering TCNs with access to microfinance in any European country

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