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OPEN MINDS: Building Inclusive Societies and Countering Radicalization in Europe

In an era of increasing polarization and the spread of extremist ideologies, the European Union (EU) and its Member States recognized the urgent need to address these threats to social cohesion. The OPENMINDS  project emerged as a response to this pressing issue, aiming to develop effective prevention policies and intervention scenarios that promote social inclusion. By focusing on the psychological and social mechanisms of alienation, radicalization, and deradicalization among young people in European urban contexts, OPEN MINDS sought to identify socio-economic problems, design innovative solutions, and refine them through collaboration with stakeholders and civil society.

OPEN MINDS fostered close collaboration with stakeholders and civil society throughout its duration. By involving key actors from various sectors, academia, NGOs, and community organizations, the project ensured a comprehensive and multidimensional approach to tackling radicalization. This collaborative effort not only helped in refining the intervention scenarios but also ensured the practicality and effectiveness of the proposed solutions in real-world settings.

After successfully completing its mission, the OPEN MINDS project officially closed, having fulfilled all of its goals. To celebrate the project’s accomplishments, a highly anticipated multiplier event was held on 14/06/2023 at the Innovation Hive. Participants in the event expressed great satisfaction with their involvement, as they gained valuable insights into the practices that can be adopted to prevent radicalization. They were able to engage with the educational materials produced during the project, as well as experience the innovative game that was developed.

The multiplier event served as a platform for participants to share their knowledge, exchange ideas, and build networks to continue the work of promoting social inclusion and preventing radicalization. It highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing this complex issue and emphasized the significance of empowering young individuals to become active contributors to a more inclusive and cohesive Europe. The project played a crucial role in advancing our understanding of the socio-economic drivers of radicalization and deradicalization among young people in European urban contexts. OPEN MINDS leaves a lasting legacy, inspiring future initiatives to address the critical challenges of radicalization and promoting cohesive societies in Europe.

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