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The proposed project aims at developing an integrated, technologically assisted speech and language intervention platform for people with chronic neurogenic speech and language disorders.

The OActive scientific and technological objectives focus on the development of patient-specific computer models and simulation in order to develop appropriate OA prevention interventions or treatments.

It aims at keeping maternal genes in case of cytoplasmic/mitochondrial disorder, up to giving birth to phenotypic and genotypic healthy child with its parent’s DNA.

The project aims to design and implement an integrated brain computer-interface for the navigation of a robot car and a wheelchair, based solely on the user’s brain signals.

FAB ROUTE’s goal is to design an innovative educational module to improve skills and knowledge on Cultural Heritage Management, Audience analysis and development and Public engagement.

CP-Watcher aims to develop a wearable system to easily and accurately assess gait in children with Cerebral Palsy. Also financial costs for the health care system and the society could be decreased significantly.

Policies and actions for sustaining and developing cultural and creative industries.

The aim of the ERA is to create a single, borderless market for research, innovation and technology across the 27-nation EU.

The project aims to develop a novel way of integrating migrants and refugees through ICT-enabled solutions. The system will allow public authorities and professionals to offer a personalised service to migrants.

The aim of the project is to collect feedback on drivers and barriers to the development and uptake of eID and trust services in Europe.

The easyRights project aims to improve the quality and quantity of public (welfare) services available to immigrants.

This project aims to gather all the necessary information concerning Digital Sovereignty related to the fields of Governance, Technology and Education in the countries members of the EU.

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