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Unlocking Potential: DisYou Training Activity at the University of Thessaly

In a digital rendezvous on November 1st and 2nd, we embarked on a journey at the University of Thessaly. The mission? To acquaint our participants with the essence and objectives of the DisYou project.

Not just a casual meetup, but a deep dive into the platform. Participants were the pioneers, getting hands-on experience with the developed material. They weren’t just users; they were contributors, shaping the platform with their valuable feedback.

But that’s not all—our participants enjoyed asynchronous training. A chance to explore other sections at their own pace, fostering a truly personalized learning experience.

Missed it? Fret not! The platform’s doors are wide open: DisYou Platform. Join the movement, stay connected, and follow our journey. Let’s build a community around education and innovation! 🚀

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