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Wonderful News: YouthPlay Virtual Game is Currently Available!

We are excited to declare the official debut of our cutting-edge virtual game, a project meant to inform and inspire educators and young people about climate change mitigation and environmental conservation.

However, this isn’t just any online game—rather, it’s a groundbreaking project that uses game-based learning to stimulate critical thought about our environmental impact. Players are presented with a succession of thought-provoking events and fascinating questions during the game’s journey. The game is a fantastic instructional tool since it provides players with insights into the environmental effects of their actions.

The game is divided into six categories, each containing 20 questions:

In addition, we offer two exciting game modes with their own leaderboards:

While you can play the game with or without registration, if you wish to claim your spot on the leaderboard, we recommend creating a profile.

We invite you to enjoy the game’s educational journey. Stay tuned as we plan to make it accessible in more languages, including Bulgarian, Greek, French, Spanish, and Polish, in the coming month.

Further Details on the Project:

The YouthPlay Virtual Game, a web-based learning tool usable on any device, is the major output of this work package. The game creates content for certain target groups by fusing gamification knowledge with youth and educational viewpoints. Our collaborators in Bulgaria, Poland, and Spain have been diligently crafting game mechanics and instructional materials that center around commonplace acts associated with environmental preservation and sustainable development objectives.

A board game version of this inventive game is now available, guaranteeing wider accessibility for various target groups, including those with limited chances.Together, let’s have fun, learn, and take action to create a greener future!

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