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Unlocking Digital Wellbeing via Work Package 3

We are excited to take a closer look at the core of our goal as we move through the DigiWell project. Work Package 3 (WP3) has the potential to have a big influence on workplace digital wellness.

Establishing the Manager of Digital Wellbeing

WP3 moves us one step closer to creating a digital environment that fosters wellbeing. It expands on the knowledge from WP2, in which we painstakingly sketched out the terrain of digital health in the workplace. We may now proceed with the creation of the Digital Wellbeing Manager.

The knowledge, abilities, and critical competencies included in this professional profile are in line with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). Providing these managers with the tools they need to support workers’ physical and emotional well-being is the aim. Our goals are ambitious, with our core competencies matching EQF level 6.

A Model of Holistic Training

A comprehensive vocational education and training (VET) paradigm for digital wellness qualifications is the foundation of Work Package 3. It is a wealth of information aimed at enabling VET instructors. They will in turn promote individuals to the position of digital wellbeing managers, including directors, C-suite executives, line managers, and HR staff. Our training approach is to establish digital workplaces that are more balanced and healthy.

Examining the Elements

Now let’s examine the main elements of this model:

Curriculum: Designed with the needs noted in WP2 in mind, it’s a comprehensive plan. It provides an overview of instructional approaches, training plans, learning objectives, and evaluation instruments.

Handbook: Lesson plans that correspond with the curriculum modules are provided by the DigiWell VET Trainer’s Handbook. For VET professionals, it serves as a useful manual that connects theory and practice.

Digital Wellbeing Manager Profile: This profile links personal and professional key competencies with EQF qualification levels. The Digital Wellbeing Manager shoulders the responsibility of fostering healthier tech usage in both personal and professional domains.

DigiWell APP: Our Digital Wellbeing Manager’s trusty sidekick! This app digitalizes standards and streamlines the evaluation of the working environment. It’s the future of assessing and improving digital wellbeing at work.

 Prospects Await

We are developing a potent VET training model based on WP2 research and EQF standards as WP3 progresses. With the help of this approach, VET professionals will be more prepared to welcome a new age of digital health in the workplace.

Come along with us as we help enterprises flourish in a healthy digital environment by paving the path for digital wellbeing managers.

Keep checking back with us for further news and insights!

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