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Empowering Digital Citizenship: The DiSC Project Enhancing Digital Security Competences for Elderly Citizens

First of all, the European Union aims to ensure that people live in an area of freedom, security and justice, wherever they move within Europe. The DiSC project will support elderly individuals in acquiring and developing the basic skills and key competences (based on, and related to the DigComp Digital Competency Framework). 

For the majority of later generations, these skills are learned subconsciously, embedded within day-to-day activities in the socioeconomic and cultural environment they grew up in. The project will support and reinforce the development of these key digital competences for all elderly European citizens throughout their life. Within this transnational context, the objectives of this project are to educate senior citizens on the types of digital dangers and their consequences, to build the digital capacity of senior citizens to recognise and proactively adapt to digital security threats and scams, to lay the foundations for the implementation and uptake of targeted digital security policies at a higher/systemic level and to enhance critical thinking amongst senior citizens relating to digital security. In order to achieve these aims the project will produce the following key deliverables: 

1. Framework of Digital Security Competences. Τhe framework that was developed is an effective method to assess, maintain, and monitor the maintenance of the target groups’ knowledge, skills and attributes in cybersecurity. The aim was to build on the Digcomp Digital Competence Framework which does not explicitly cover security from aggressive attacks, spam and scam tricks used to steal people’s data and information online.

 2. Interactive Benchmarking Tool for Digital Security Competences in Europe. This output created an interactive benchmarking tool for use by senior citizens seeking to assess their level of digital security competency. To achieve this, partners took the Framework developed in the first deliverable and added further details on how individuals can achieve the minimum requirements. This includes a relatable example of the knowledge and skills required to achieve each level of the competence framework. 

3. Interactive Online Board Game on Digital Security. This is a digital version of a typical turn-based board game whic allows two users to play against each other. The game takes the format of a typical ‘snakes and ladders’ type game where players roll dice, answer questions and make choices about the subject of the game (digital safety, security and scams). The game just finished and now the partners are ready to continue with the next deliverable. 

4. Piloting and Impact Assessment Report and Policy Recommendations. This output will provide a scientific and technical evaluation of the piloting phases throughout the project. In addition, it will provide an impact assessment report, aimed at providing policy recommendations to key national and European level stakeholders. The implementation will start in the next few days.

In conclusion, the DiSC project plays a vital role in empowering elderly citizens to enhance their digital security competences. By equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge, the project not only promotes a safer digital environment but also fosters confidence, independence, and active participation in the digital age. The outcomes and recommendations of the DiSC project have the potential to benefit senior citizens across Europe, ensuring their inclusion and security in the ever-evolving digital world.

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