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Green Genesis Start Up Final Event: Empowering Green Entrepreneurship and Skills Development

The conclusion of the Green Genesis Start Up project was marked by a dynamic final event hosted at Aegean College. During the event, students and academics came together to reflect on the progress made in developing the next generation of environmentally conscious entrepreneurs. With a dual focus on building entrepreneurial spirit and imparting critical skills for the green economy, the project aimed to bridge the gap between education and employment opportunities. Through an innovative fast track training programme and mentoring initiatives, the project promoted an ecosystem conducive to sustainable entrepreneurship.

The event began by recognising the role of introducing young people to the business sector, highlighting the urgent need to integrate green skills into their actions. Participants, more specifically students from the Business Development Department, engaged in an interactive dialogue, further expanding on the importance of business efforts aligned with environmental sustainability. This dialogue highlighted the need to equip young people with the skills needed to succeed in the evolving landscape of the green economy.

At the heart of the process was the Green Genesis platform, designed to empower young entrepreneurs with the right knowledge and resources. Participants had the opportunity to explore the platform first-hand, providing valuable feedback about its functionality. The platform offers a variety of educational materials and courses and its utility-centric design reflects a commitment to developing a community of green entrepreneurs ready to drive positive change.

As the Green Genesis Start Up project comes to its end, it leaves behind a heritage of empowerment, collaboration and a strong commitment to grow a generation of green leaders ready to create a sustainable future.

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