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Introducing the SCE Network Platform: Navigating Europe’s Social Circular Economy

Throughout the SCE-VET project, our focus has been to develop a social circular economy network that inspires synergies between different sectors and encourages VET to develop social circular economy programmes. The platform serves as the main hub of our project, providing opportunities for engagement and access to resources such as the SCE MOOC, experiences from Circularity Days, the SCE Guide and SCE survey results, and Social Circular VET Edication Method Canvas. As well as serving as an outcome, the platform also serves to broaden the SCE network, foster new partnerships, share experiences and showcase results.

Through the platform, you can find our interactive map where VET centres and other stakeholders can experience successful examples of this innovative transition. It showcases more than 40 inspiring projects with a focus on social and circular business models. This map provides a comprehensive overview of initiatives that exemplify innovation and sustainability across Europe. From community-driven enterprises to circular economy pioneers, these projects are redefining the landscape by integrating social impact and environmental responsibility into their core business models.

Recognising that a lack of specific knowledge or skills hinders innovative CE processes and the integration of SCE into business practices, the platform aims to bridge this gap through digital experiences. By bringing together VET educators, academia, society and entrepreneurs, the platform aims to inspire individuals to rethink, redesign and pursue a positive future. By combining circular economy principles with social entrepreneurship, the platform fosters innovation and creativity.

Explore the interconnected web of initiatives, learn from their successes and join us in fostering a network of positive change. Together we can pave the way to a more socially inclusive and environmentally conscious future! Find the platform here and the map here:

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