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SCE VET: A Social Circular Economy Review

In an era of pressing environmental concerns and the pursuit of a greener future, the Erasmus+ project ‘Anchoring Social Circular Economy Attitudes in VET (SCE-VET)’ brings together nine European organisations from Finland, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Romania, Italy and Spain. It aims to pioneer the integration of social entrepreneurship and circular economy principles in vocational education and training (VET).

The overall goal? To cultivate a workforce equipped with the knowledge and skills for sustainability and inclusivity in tomorrow’s economy. Inspired by frameworks such as GreenComp and the Inner Development Goals (IDGs), which prioritise circular literacy and additional skills essential for the green transition, the project underlines the central role of education in advancing the circular economy (CE).

The project’s review/guide is a testament to its commitment to research and practical application. Through extensive research, it explores the social dimensions of the circular economy, highlighting the synergies between social entrepreneurship and sustainable practices. It also examines the role of national strategies, action plans and the EU 2020 strategy in translating EU policies into actionable initiatives.

As part of its holistic approach, the project review assesses the VET systems of the participating countries and identifies opportunities to embed SCE principles. Through showcases and best practices, it provides valuable insights into effective implementation strategies. It also links the Social Circular VET Education Method Canvas and the e-learning platform (MOOC) on Social Circular Economy.

In conclusion, the Erasmus+ SCE-VET project and its review/guide serve as a cornerstone in advancing the objectives of the European Green Deal, laying the foundations for a workforce that is not only environmentally aware but also socially responsible.

Find the Review/Guide here:

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