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Transforming Europe’s Cultural and Creative Sector with Digital Innovation 

In a groundbreaking initiative, the DiGiPORT project is poised to transform the European cultural and creative sector. With the project nearing its completion, an information event is set to take place on October 23, 2023, at AKMI from 15:00 to 18:00, offering a unique opportunity for art lovers and cultural enthusiasts to discover the far-reaching impact of this innovative endeavor. 

The DiGiPORT project has a grand vision – to equip adult trainers and adult education organizations with the tools to support cultural and creative sector (CCS) professionals and artists in developing essential digital and entrepreneurial skills. This infusion of expertise will not only bolster their sustainability but also fortify their resilience in the face of challenges and crises. 

One of the core objectives of the DiGiPORT project is the development of a pan-European online platform. This platform is set to revolutionize how CCS professionals and artists promote and disseminate their work while establishing their digital pop-up shops. This dynamic approach promises to enhance their outreach to target audiences, ultimately fostering a thriving cultural and creative sector across Europe. 

The project’s multifaceted approach encompasses competences development and the creation of an innovative online platform. These elements work in tandem to empower CCS professionals and artists to adapt to the digital era, ensuring their continued success in an ever-evolving world. 

If you are passionate about the cultural sector or simply love the arts, you are cordially invited to the DiGiPORT project’s information event. It’s a unique opportunity to engage with the project in person, gain insights into its noble objectives, explore the educational materials produced for this purpose, and navigate the educational platform/website that will redefine the future of CCS professionals and artists. 

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